2016 Golf Drivers: Everything you need to know

Are you seeking unparalleled distance from a golf driver? Does the trajectory need a little fine-tuning? Or how about shot accuracy? Or shot shaping? There are many issues a player must contend with if they want to be playing with equipment perfect for their individual performance game, so knowing all there is about drivers can help golfers of all levels get the correct loft, shaft and brand to improve their game.

This buying guide will offer everything a player needs to know about getting the best possible golf driver into their bag.

Clubhead Design, Size & Weight

Right from the start golfers should be looking at size. A lot of drivers come in at the USGA’s legal limit for clubhead volume (460cc). The larger the head size, the larger “sweet spot” there will be to promote improved consistency for average players. Smaller driver heads come in around 380cc-410cc and allow for better players with greater swing control to achieve repeatable hits.

Brands are continuing to design their clubs with internal and external weighting to help golfers hit a fade of draw – and also adjust golf ball flight higher or lower. So whether the player prefers weight screws, lightweight carbon crowns or a unique head shape, there’s a high-performance driver out there for all golfers.

High-Handicap/Beginner Drivers

For the player just starting out in their golfing career or those who like to play at a higher handicap, there’s a plethora of golf drivers available to suit to needs or all men and women players looking to dip their toes into the game.

The Callaway Golf XR 16 Driver, Nike Golf Vapor Fly Driver, TaylorMade M1 Aldila Rogue, TaylorMade M2 Fujikura Pro 60 and Callaway Golf Big Bertha Fusion Driver are perfect for new golfers as they offer plenty of forgiveness and outrageous speeds, while also delivering professional results on the course.

For ladies seeking a forgiving, high-handicap driver for their bag, the TaylorMade Kalea Ladies Driver, Callaway Golf Big Bertha Fusion Ladies Driver, Cobra Golf King F6 Ladies, Cobra Golf MAX Ladies Driver, PING Rhapsody Ladies Driver, TaylorMade M2 Ladies Driver and Nike Golf Vapor Fly Ladies Driver won’t steer anyone wrong and work effortlessly with a selection of other golf clubs.

Mid-High Handicap and Game Improvement Drivers

Many of the same rules which apply to high handicap golfers also apply here. Playing at this level, it’s a good idea to try reducing forgiveness and increasing performance. Golfers who play within the mid-handicap bracket often opt for less loft and stiffer shafts to increase speed on all shots. It is also now commonplace for golfers to use drivers which offer adjustability to give greater success on more shots.

Some of the best mid and mid-high handicap golf drivers which make the perfect step up from high handicap models include the Mizuno Golf JPX EZ Driver, PING G Alta 55 Driver and PING G Bubba Watson Limited Edition Driver

For ladies, a selection of mid and mid-high drivers include the Wilson Staff D-200 Graphite, Cobra Golf King F6 Ladies and Callaway Golf XR 16 Ladies Driver.

Low-Handicap Drivers

Low handicap golfers will benefit more by opting for a wider variety of shaft/head options, including matching their current swing speed, golf ball speed and launch condition. Many top golf brands create golf drivers with compact, workable heads and these will undoubtedly help enhance a game and should be considered when purchasing drivers.

The PING G Tour 65 Driver, PING G LS TEC Tour 65 and Nike Golf Vapor Fly Pro.

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