2016 Golf Tees: Everything you need to know

Golf tees can make a big difference to players game. So whether they’re plastic, wooden, colourful or patterned, make sure whichever type is chosen that it’s good enough to do a job on the golf course.

This helpful buying guide will offer advice and tips on getting the best tees on the market, and also show some of the very best golf tees available today from a wealth of top quality brands.

Types of golf tee


Traditional golf tees ordinarily measure around 2 ¾ inches in length and are made from wood. Wooden golf tees are tough and sturdy when placed in the turf with a solid hold that keeps the golf ball in place. However, wooden golf tees have been joined by a plastic alternative that is marginally cheaper. Although there’s no obvious advantage in using either wooden or plastic tees over the other, trying both to gather a better understanding of how they feel will do wonders for an individual’s game.

The Masters Golf Wooden Tees, Pride Professional MINI and Masters Golf Deluxe Society Pack are some of the best wooden golf tees available today, while the PGA Tour Performance RFT Series, Masters Golf Graduated and The Golfers Club Castle Tees are some of the best plastic tees.

Colourful Tees

Some golfers have their own style which transcends their looks and accessories on the golf course. A white tee is still the hallmark standard or default; however the colour variants are limitless. Choosing a bold primary colour that demands attention, or opting for more subtle colours that are quiet and unassuming, the fun in chopping and changing up the golf tee can be bags of fun. There is also the option of adding patterns, such as leopard skin prints, or having a favourite football teams crest emblazoned on tee to show off your allegiance. The choices can be limitless.

Vibrant and colourful golf tees which are available now at American Golf includes the PGA Tour Lift Tee, CHAMP Zarma FLYtee, Masters Golf Plastic Tees and Masters Golf Short Cone Tees.

Pyramid tees

Pyramid tees, such as the Stringed Pyramid Tees, are idea for play in all weather conditions, including ice-covered turf. Pyramid tees are specifically designed to players carry on playing whatever the weather, and should be considered whenever the ground has an icy film over it.

Best Times to Use Golf Tees

A golf tee is generally used for the first stroke of each hole, and the area in which the stroke is taken is known as a teeing ground or tee. It is deemed illegal to use a tee anywhere other than the teeing ground, although on occasion seasonal rules may permit their use in order to keep the golf course in good condition when played in winter temperatures (this is when the turf can become vulnerable to damage). Also on short par 3 holes where the first shot is a chip, the tee shot may be taken without a tee if preferred.

American Golf has a great range of golf tees for players of all preferences and skill from all the biggest brands, including PGA Tour, Masters, Asbri, CHAMP, American Golf, Pride, Brand Fusion.