Consistency is the key to success, but because most social golfers don’t have enough time in their schedules to train during the week, there’s not a lot of opportunity to hone their skills ready for a round at the weekend.

That’s where training aids come into play. Made up of alignment aids, mats and nets, players can get a few spare minutes to practice their game while in the comfort of their own home.

This buying guide will offer hints and tips for gaining valuable experience on the golf course by using training aids, mats and nets, while also offering a great range of the best products available today to give everyone’s game a boost.

Long Game

Golfers looking for improvements or tweaks to their long game should consider setting up a full-size practice net in their garden (or, failing that, a smaller practice net in their home). In this day and age there’s simply not enough hours in the day to head to the driving range. This is a great way to bring the driving range to you – and it’s far better value too.

There is a great range of practice nets on the market right now, including some of the best long-game nets which have been tried and tested to a high standard by our in-store PGA Pros. Some of the best quality practice nets include the Links Choice Practice Net, Masters Golf Pop Up Chipping Practice Net, SKLZ Practice Net, PGA Tour Perfect Touch Practice Net, Colin Montgomerie Quad Net, Masters Golf Premium Driving Net and PGA Tour Pro Driving Net.

Short Game

When working on short game, chipping nets come highly recommended. For use both indoors and outside, a chipping net is essential for a better game as it allows golfer to learn the basics of getting the golf ball into the air and landing it soft and true at the designated target.

To avoid any unforeseen accidents while chipping golf balls in the house, try investing in airflow golf balls, which are specially designed for playing indoors. There’s some nice options out there to choose from, including the Masters Golf Practice Foam Balls, PGA Tour 36 Practice Balls, Masters Golf 30% Practice Balls and Masters Golf Airflow Practice Balls.

By adding a chipping net to your training gear, the level at which you develop particular skills with the golf ball can be drastically improved – and will also help reduce the risk of hitting a dreaded fat or thin slice shot when you play for real.


The putter is the most used golf club in the bag, so it stands to reason that it should also be the club golfers are best at using. However, be that as it may, it is in fact still the least practiced area of a golfers’ game.

A wide range of golf putting mats are available at american golf for all types of player. And each offers something to challenge the skills and mind set of all golfers, including varying degrees of hazards and flags. Some of the more popular putting mats available include the Sklz Launch Pad, PGA Tour Golf Putting Mat, Masters Golf Eyeline Deluxe and Masters Golf Practice Mat, to name a few.

View the range of putting mats at American Golf today.

Training Aids

Training aids are the quintessential addition for any golfer looking for total improvements in his or her game. At American Golf, we stock a huge range of training aids to help golfers of all skill levels reach their potential.

Some of the very best golf training aids on the market right now include the Garmin TruSwing Golf Swing Sensor, Swingyde Training Aid, PGA Tour Swing Trainer, Golf Grip Training Aid, Masters Golf Drill Stix, Welling Ultimate Putt Matt 3 Metres and SkyCaddie SkyPro Swing Analyser among others.

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