Golfers should prepare for all seasons, including summer. That’s why we stock a great range of summer golf accessories to help every golfer get the most from their game, regardless of the warm weather.

This buying guide to summer golf accessories will explain all the equipment and clothing which is great for playing a round under the sun.


Glare from sunlight can be a burden on a player’s game, especially when lining up crucial putts. A good way to prevent this occurring is to shield the eyes by wearing golf sunglasses, which offer 100% UV protection from sun and harmful rays, whilst reducing glare and giving greater clarity in vision.

A great range of golf sunglasses are available at American Golf, with some of the best including the BLOC Daytona, Dirty Dog Clank, Oakley Prizm Daily Square Wire, BLOC Scorpion, Dirty Dog Edge and Oakley Silver Foldable to name just a few.


Golf towels are useful at sucking up and then pushing out heat should it become untenable. If a golfer has one attached to the side of a golf cart or trolley then they might want to pull it off and lay it over their head for a small yet still effective boost of shade. It’s not the best method of remaining cool in the sun, but it is the cheapest.

Some of the best golf towels include the Callaway Golf TriFold, Motocaddy Trolley Towel, Cobra Golf King Ltd Towel, Titleist Player’s Towel, Bridgestone Golf Towel and Nike Golf Tri-Fold.


Slipping a visor over your head will stop bright sunlight from getting into the eyes, while also looking very stylish on the golf course. Visors are lightweight headwear often in a one-size-fits-all design, and both men and women have an abundance of options when purchasing from American Golf.