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Golf Shoes are made using the highest quality available, developed by experts to offer traditional feel with a modern, cutting-edge performance required for long distances and adverse weather conditions. Purchasing Golf Shoes needs to be done with a measure of assurances in mind before setting out. Are you looking to play in golf under the rigors of rain and snow? If that appeals to you then buying Golf Shoes designed to plough through these conditions without wearing down is ideal. Casual players might find these Golf Shoes excessive should they play intermittently or rarely, so a regular...

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Golf shirts are traditionally designed as polo’s and are the first thing golfers will look for when it comes to clothing. Often in a smart design, golf shirts usually have rib-knit collars and button plackets with the occasional chest logo or pocket. Innovative technologies have been introduced into golf shirts to give them more buzz around the greens. Adidas, Nike and Puma respectively have been busy creating golf shirts specially designed to incorporate built-in technologies, and these are what golfers look for when seeking to purchase.

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Golf trousers are an essential of the game. They transcend mere players into stylish golfers by adding both a sophisticated appearance to already stylish attire or through utilising some of the best technology available in clothing materials today. The perfect golf trouser should be warm enough for frosty mornings as well as cool enough to perform in warmer climates. They should also offer stretchy capabilities to reduce hindering golf swing momentum, and above all else need to be comfortable.

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Base Layers

The logic of dressing to suit the environment in which you play has been a mainstay in everyday life. Recent studies show that athletes perform better in all weather conditions when comfort is optimised, and this applies to anything a person does, whether it's golf, running or mountain climbing. As if to hit home this fact, in recent years the introduction of new fabric technologies has opened the door for a wide range of Technical Apparel that has greatly benefitted major sports, and golf in particular has seen heightened performances from their star pros when utilising some of this technology in-game. The most common...

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Golfers in the UK are no strangers to the sudden downturn in weather, especially during months usually reserved for summer. It can be frustrating to see rain lashing the freshly-mown greens of the your local golf course on the day put aside for playing, but no longer does poor weather mean no play at all. Buying waterproof clothing is essential business for professional golfers as they need to be prepared for anything the day throws their way. The prices for such preparation can be staggering, but the benefits of purchasing top-notch weather gear are second to none...

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Clothing Accessories

It’s the little extras that can ultimately be the different between success and defeat, stylish or plain, focused or distracted. Sometimes these things are out of our control and all we can do is wonder ‘what if?’ But sometimes you can do something to change this fate, and below is a list of on-course golf accessories designed for clothing to give you the performance you deserve to have.

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Dress to impress on the golf course with the impressive range of golf clothing and footwear at american golf. Stocking valuable additions to your golf wardrobe, our clothing range is of great quality and at a price you’ll love. Wearing specialised golf clothing can help maximise your performance on the golf course, as golf clothing is designed specifically for playing golf and ensures your swing is not hindered.