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The driver is the biggest and longest of the 3-5 woods typically found in a set of golf clubs. With the wide range of drivers available today it’s often difficult to decide which one is best for you. To help with your decision first read this buying guide to learn what makes up a good driver, then decide how much money you’re prepared to spend as this will dictate the type of driver you can afford. Remember: the better the quality of the driver the longer it will last, so it’s worth checking to ensure you get the best you can.

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Every golfer is different and each has a particular way of playing. If you’ve recently discovered your love for the sport and decided now would be a good time to start playing for real, then maybe you need a little advice about which golf clubs would be ideal to get you started. Or perhaps you’re already quite familiar with the game, played a good few times and are looking for the step-up away from amateur and into a more intermediate level. Then there are the pros, reliable on the greens and full of confidence. You probably don’t really need any advice about which golf club is better, but maybe...

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Traditionally a Fairway Wood starts at a number 2 and they have been known to go all the way up to number 15, though in modern golfing a 3 and 5 are by far the most popular and regularly used. 3 Woods typically have a loft of 15° and a 5 Wood has 19°, hitting the golf ball on average 210 years and 190 yards, respectively.

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Rescue Clubs are still a fairly new category in the world of golf and may not be present in many golfers’ bags. The Rescue Club, or Hybrid as they are often referred, is designed to replace the harder to hit Irons in your collection. In a typical set of Irons there would be 3-PW (8 Irons) and many golfers struggle to find the 3, 4 and 5 Irons easy to hit well on a consistent game ratio basis.

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Wedges are formidable golf clubs, which could be why so many struggle to achieve the levels of success they seek. Choosing the correct set of golf Wedges, in the right lofts and lies, with ideal shaft length and flex, provides higher swing speed and the more practice, the better you will play.

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Sink the golf ball with confidence by learning more about golf putters and really get to know about the most used club in your bag. Golf putters make up almost 50% of all shots taken on the green in a singular round and are the most frequently used clubs in golf.

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Golf Clubs

american golf stock a wide range of golf clubs, including Ping, Callaway and Wilson clubs. We also have cheap golf clubs that are perfect for golfers on a budget. american golf has a wide range of golf clubs, we have sourced the best deals from the industries leading brands including Wilson Staff, Nike Golf, Titleist and TaylorMade. A good set of golf clubs is a worthwhile investment but we also stock more affordable brands such as Ben Sayers, Fazer Golf, Nicklaus Golf and Benross.