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  • TomTom Golfer GPS Watch
  • Cobra King F6 Bags
  • Masters 5 Series 3 Wheel Trolley

GPS & Rangefinders

More golfers than ever before are investing in GPS devices and Range Finders to help them achieve lower scores on the golf course. Golf GPS systems use satellites to pinpoint your exact location and then use this information to give golfers valuable information on yardages, including distance to the green and distance to hazards. Range Finders are the common alternative to the GPS and offer similar benefits without the use of satellite navigation.

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Tour Bags

The daddy of the golf bags! Tour bags are the biggest bag available right now and often they measure at around 10 inches in diameter and weight up to 45lbs. They are used often by professional players and can accommodate a mass of golf clubs. If you like to carry your own bags and clubs then this is not the bag for you.

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Carry Bags

Basic and common, the carry bag is widely used on the golf course and is relatively popular with many top professionals. Its slim-line design can weigh as little as 3.5lbs and they aren’t so tall you can’t get the clubs out, either.

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Electric Trolleys

Motorised golf trolleys are traditionally made by brands such as Motocaddy and Powakaddy and are essential if you’re a golfer who struggles to carry a large amount of golf clubs around the golf course. Electric trolleys are powered by an on-board motor and battery and modern mechanical trolleys need only to be steered in the correct direction.

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Push/Pull Trolleys

Golf Trolleys are the modern energy-saving option many golfers now tend to lean towards when stepping onto their nearest golfing green. No longer are they considered suitable for the older generation who lack the stamina to carry a bag full of golf clubs across the vast landscape of their local golf course – many younger and mid aged players are discovering the benefits that come with using a golf trolley, namely saving the energy they would have depleted carrying their bags around on their backs and putting it to use with powerful swings that sail long across the fairway.

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Trolley/Cart Bags

Traversing the golf course with a bag lugged over one shoulder for the duration of an entire game can be incredibly draining on the body. With a dozen or more golf clubs packed inside the bag, too, plus the weight of the bag itself, you could be looking pretty tired long before the 18th hole draws into view.

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Golf GPS, Bags & Equipment

Using golf GPS devices or rangefinders can be like having your very own caddie on the golf course. Providing layouts to help plot a safe course around tricky dog-legs, warnings of upcoming bunkers and even distances to the front, back and middle of the greens, GPS and rangefinders work with the player to assist in every aspect of their game.