Buying Advice for Golf Trousers Banners

Golf Trousers Buying Guide

Golf Trousers Buying Guide

Golf trousers are sophisticated, professional attire for the greens that conform to clubhouse regulations and also look smart and stylish.

This buying guide is for golfers looking for their first golf trousers or those seeking an upgrade to their current pair. Here’s a few points which should be considered right off the bat. They need to be warm enough to protect from harsh weather yet also remain cool in warmer weather; they also need to be stretchy to help with easy swing rotation.

Golf Trouser Styles

When playing outdoors, golfers need to be correctly protected and comfortable in the clothing they wear. And although style isn’t as important as warmth it still matters – so best practice would be to look for trousers which offer a level of fashion as well as plenty of built-in technology.

Wool Trousers

Wool’s classic material is used by most golf brands due to its comfort and outdoor performance. It is breathable, lightweight in design and incredibly warm; withstanding a variety of weather changes without losing its vigour. Some golf brands will marry wool with other fabrics in order to enhance the comfort appeal to the wearer.

Wool cleaning tips: Ideally wool should be dry cleaned and not washed conventionally as it can take away some of its splendour and performance.

Polyester Trousers

More golf brands than ever before are creating golf trousers made from polyester. The material is incredibly breathable, often used in outwear and is perfect for fast-paced sports. Polyester has enough stretch for the best possible comfort, while it shapes well to the body for closer than ever performance in all weather conditions.

Polyester cleaning tips: Polyester is washable in the conventional way and in most cases is wrinkle and pill resistant.

Some of the best polyester golf trousers available today include the Nike Golf Woven Tech Trousers, Stromberg Mijas Foreway Trousers and Galvin Green Alf GORE-TEX Waterproof Trousers.

Cotton Trousers

The amazing levels of breathability built within a pair of cotton golf trousers cannot be ignored, it’s that good. Sometimes blended with spandex in order to give the attire more stretch capability, cotton has also been known to pair well with polyester for enhanced comfort.

Cotton cleaning tips: Cotton can be washed conventionally and should ideally be ironed.

Finding the Right Fit

One of the best things about golf trousers is the ability to add a belt, so choosing a style that has belt loops is considered good business. Some brands also add extra grip within the waistband to keep a polo shirt neatly tucked in when playing a round. Pockets are also useful for offering easy storage options for tees, golf ball markers and other accessories. Slit side pockets are common and have a flat, clean front. Rear pockets are usually slit with a button closure.

Waterproof Fabrics

The pattering of rainfall can cause many a groan from golfers not wanting to get their attires drenched in the name of a few rounds, which is why many opt to bring waterproof trousers with them to the greens. Windbreaker trousers also do a good job at keeping whistling winds from the skin during play and both fabrics work to keep the player dry, warm and protected in adverse weather conditions.

The PING Osbourne Waterproof Trousers, Nike Golf Weatherized 2.0, Under Armour ColdGear Elements Storm, PUMA Golf Winter Tech Warm and Galvin Green August GORE-TEX are a few premium waterproof trouser options.

Golf Trouser Buying Tips

Additional Golf Trouser Buying Tips

The most important thing to always remember when purchasing golf trousers is quality and fit. The material needs to appear durable and weather-friendly, and seams should be sturdy and not contain gaps or bulges. The hemline should be clean and not contain frayed edges. If possible, try on the pair you want before buying as sizes do vary between brands, and some designs may run smaller or larger than expected. Getting longer trousers is better as they can be hemmed back whereas it’s a refund if they are too short and more time is wasted in the process. When trying out a pair of golf trousers, exercise them to make sure they will perform right when the time comes. Swinging, bending and crouched movements will undoubtedly tell you everything about whether they offer good movement or fail to allow mobility. Check out reviews posted on the american golf website, too; fellow golfers who have bought may have valuable advice and tips about what they find best and this can be pivotal in deciding the right way to go in regards to choosing that winning pair.

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