With golf being played entirely outdoors, players are constantly exposed to the elements with nowhere to hide. This is part of golf’s allure, of course, but it can also lead to some very uncomfortable afternoons – especially on those particularly chilly days. So instead of having to rush back to the clubhouse, abandoning a game mid-round because the cold is just too bad to cope with, we’re suggesting you get your hands on a windshirt, and this buying guide will give you all the information you need to know about these brilliant attires.

Windshirts for golf

Windshirts are traditionally a lot lighter than full waterproof jackets and make for a much better alternative to regular golf sweaters.

Windshirts are made with modern technologies which work in conjunction with the body to keep players warm on cold days, dry on rainy days and cool on warm days. How does it achieve this? By using materials which regulate around the body to stay in line with a players body temperature. Ultra-smart clothing.

Windshirt Fitting

Windshirts come in all shapes and sizes, from loose-fitting to snug. And although it doesn’t matter a great deal which type a golfer chooses, baggier windshirts will give more movement on golf swing while tighter-fitting attires have a more athletic look and feel.

Short-sleeve windshirts are popular among golfers during the warmer seasons of the year as they aren’t all that waterproofed on the arms. The Callaway Golf Gust 2.0, PING Nelson Short Sleeve Windshirt and Stuburt Cyclone Short Sleeve Windshirt are some of the best short-sleeve windshirts available today.

long-sleeve, jacket or jumper windshirts are widely worn both on and off the golf course and come in a variety of designs. Some windshirts of this design are waterproof, but the main focus of these attires is to keep the player warm and comfortable during their game. The Nike Golf Dri-Fit Windshirt, adidas Golf climacool Competition Windshirt, Galvin Green Brad Windshirt, FootJoy Performance Windshirt and Benross XTEX Windshirt are some of the very best windshirts for 2016 and should be considered for outdoor sports, especially golf.

Windshirt Weight

The one thing which should be avoided when buying a sportswear is picking up something that is simply too heavy to wear comfortably. A thick coat will only hinder progress, while a golfing windshirt can keep players warm and comfortable without the weight. Although keeping the cold off is all-important, there needs to be a balance where a lightweight garment packed with technologies is the best path to take.

Windshirt Layering

The rapid advancements in technology design means that classic windshirts are now enough to keep a player entirely warm on the golf course. Layering up with a golf jacket can work out well if both are lightweight in construction, and modern fibres now help to wick moisture away from the skin to keep players feeling cool, dry and comfortable from first tee to last. The windproof jacket can be used as an outer or mid-layer depending on the fit of the garment and the weather conditions being faced.

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