It doesn’t matter if a player wears golfing headwear to keep sun from their eyes, as a fashion accessory or both; caps, hats and visors are the best way to enjoy a round in comfort and style.

This guide will help players better understand the importance of wearing headwear on the golf course, while also offering expert opinion on what is deemed the best kind of golf headwear for the greens.

Golf Caps

Caps are by far the most worn type of headwear on the golf course. Able to withstand light to moderate wind and rain conditions, a regular golf cap will also keep the sunlight out of eyes on low-bearing days, while some caps can draw out perspiration to keep the scalp free from sweat.

It is advisable to look for golf caps which are one size fits all, unless you your head size. This type of cap will fit virtually all head shapes and sits comfortably once on. Golf caps offering water-resistance, such as the TaylorMade Storm Cap and Titleist StaDry Cap are strongly recommended as this means you will stay warm and protected in rain and snow.

Other excellent features which need to be considered when looking for golf caps is how good the moisture-wicking properties are. Caps with this function will push out perspiration as it transpires on the head and force it out through the top of the cap, leaving the head feeling cool, dry and comfortable. Most golf caps have some form of this or another, but a couple of favourites include the Nike Golf Legacy91 Tour Mesh Cap and Cobra Golf King Ltd Cap.

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Bucket Hats

Bucket hats can be worn in any weather condition and help keep the head nicely protected from rain, sleet and snow. They are made from waterproofing materials and can offer a great alternative to golf caps when it comes to blocking out the sun on particularly warm days. It’s a good idea to get the better quality bucket hats as these are the ones which will keep you dry and warm without degrading in too quickly.

A word of caution: bucket hats are rarely ever one size fits all like caps, so before picking one up make sure you know your head size. it saves disappointment down the line, and also the headwear works a lot better if it fits correctly.

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Golf Beanies

Usually made from polyester or cotton, golf beanies protect the head from cold winds on those chilly mornings. Beanies vary from caps, visors and bucket hats in that they help keep the sides of the head warm and snug, especially the ears. A good beanie hat is ideal for all golfers as it helps them stay warm and healthy in cold weather.

Beanie hats are tight-fitting and snug. They don’t muffle the world around you, which makes them perfect for sports and other everyday wear. They remain strong in wind and can be worn on and off the golf course. Most beanies have stylish designs.

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The visor could be best described as the middle ground between bucket hat and golf cap. Visors are the perfect protection from sunlight, and can help you see perfectly during a round. However, in wet weather conditions visors are pretty unhelpful.

Visors are ultra-stylish and can be very comfortable, but maybe aren’t the best choice when it comes to keeping the head warm and dry.