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2017 Golf Package Sets

Package sets are the perfect starting point for new or improving golfers, and offer excellent value for money. They help players identify their skill level at an early stage, and have proven to be extremely popular among all types of golfers, as well as man, women and juniors.

Package sets are aimed predominantly at the new golfer trying their hand at the game for the first time, so each club is designed to make hitting the golf ball as easy as possible, while also delivering the maximum amount of forgiveness and distance thanks to having cavity back and oversized head designs. Golfers seeking an added burst of distance should look for clubs with graphite shafts in the woods.

Golf package set

This buying guide is designed to give players in-depth information about package sets, which set is best for their particular needs, and whether they are the ideal choice over buying clubs individually.

Package Sets: What’s in the Bag?

Package sets consist of up to 20 clubs, depending on which set is selected. All package sets should include a golf driver, fairway woods, utility club, irons and a putter, all of which come packed into a golf bag, and topped with headcovers for protection. It is a good idea to look at each package set individually to see what is being offered, as some will be better equipped for immediate golfing than others.

A player can carry any combination of 14 golf clubs in his or her bag, or risk disqualification from tournament play, so golfers should pick up a quality package set which leaves a little bit of room to add a few luxury clubs to the bag at a later date.

Package Sets For Everyone

Package sets are made for men, women and junior golfers – as well as offering the packages in left and right hand variations – so there’s something here for all the family. Currently there are package sets available for men and women by brands including Fazer, Wilson and Wilson Deep Red. For junior golfers, PING, PGA Tour, Masters, US Kids and Golphin are all available.

Choosing Package Sets

Before buying a package set, it is a good idea to know how often you will be taking to the greens. By appraising how much interest and time you have available for the sport, coupled with knowing whether you will be playing weekly, monthly, or only a handful of times per year, should help dictate the ideal package set to pick up.

Golfers who spend a lot of time on the golf course would benefit more from having a top of the range package set in their possession, while the more relaxed players might feel more comfortable with a modest set that offers better value.

Steel or Graphite Clubs

Choosing between steel or graphite golf clubs can be made at any time, and will most likely only become an issue once you’ve played golf for an extended period of time. Graphite golf clubs are much lighter and can help generate swing speed, while steel golf clubs are more durable and can take more damage.

Ladies, juniors and seniors benefit more when playing with graphite shafts that have a softer flex, while younger, stronger men find using a regular or stiff shaft helps improve their game. But remember to keep in mind that the pro’s say lots of golfers use shafts that are too stiff, so be wary about falling into this trap as well.

It is recommended that, for all beginners, a standard package set be purchased and then upgraded as confidence grows.

Package Sets to Consider

The market is flooded with package sets, from multiple brands, but American Golf prides itself on only stocking the best quality products for its customers to help ladies, men and juniors succeed at their game.

A selection of the best package sets available today include the Wilson Ultra 2016 Package Set, Wilson Deep Red Tour Package Set, Fazer CTR20 Package Set, Wilson 2016 Ultra Ladies Package Set, PING Thrive Junior Package Set, Masters Golf MKids Lite 45” Junior Yellow Package Set, PGA Tour Junior Academy Golf Set, Golphin For Kids Package Set (51" to 55").