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Golf Wedges 2017

Picking the right set of golf wedges, in the correct lofts and lies, with workable shaft lengths and flex, can produce much better results on the golf course. For players who aren’t certain which wedge they need in the bag this season, or even if it’s just curiosity to see what new models are available in 2017, this buying guide will help answer all those niggling questions.

Getting the most out of loft

For the most part, golfers gain an understanding of loft pretty quickly--but sometimes its benefits can be overlooked. This is also an area where most golfers feel more information is required.

Loft gives golfers a better idea of how far the golf ball is likely to travel, and the type of trajectory it is expected to achieve off the clubface. The more loft a golf wedge has, the higher the trajectory is going to be for the golf ball. For example, if the trajectory is high, then the golf ball will travel a shorter distance, and vice versa.

Golf Wedges 2017

Wedges are the most lofted golf club in a player’s bag, so be sure to utilise them in a way which can improve your game. Tapping into the wedges technologies is another effective way to squeeze the most from these useful golf clubs.

From pitching wedge and gap wedge, through to sand wedge and lob wedge, there is a wide range of options available for each golfer. A standard set might consist of a pitching and sand for longer approach shots and those ego-deflating walks to the bunker, but modern thinking shows that having more options in the bag will help improve players’ games. A gap wedge will fill the ‘gap’ between pitching and sand, and remove the need for tricky ¾ length shots, while a lob wedge will pop the golf ball up and over trouble, landing softly with greater spin. How many and what type of wedge is ultimately up to the golfer, but setting out for a round without at least two would not be advisable.

Bounce angle and its benefits

The ‘bounce’ is the curvy part on the sole of the golf wedge which allows the club head to bounce out of sand or rough without sagging. Using golf wedges with the correct combination of bounce and loft can drastically transform a players’ game – especially if they rely heavily on their short-game play.

It’s quite unlikely a golfer will find wedges with bounce higher than 18 degrees, but it is possible to purchase a wedge with a bounce as low as 2. The three variations that can affect a golfer’s game are Low, Standard and High.

Low Bounce Wedges

Wedges that promote low bounce will be suitable for tackling shots from tight lies and firm turf conditions. The combination of having less bounce and narrower sole-width lowers the leading edge of the blade for a cleaner, crisper contact with the golf ball. This is perfect for golfers who have a creative flair on the greens and in the bunkers, but who also have shallow attack angles through impact. Less bounce and a narrower sole width makes it much easier to open the face and hit high, soft landing flop shots. Lower bounce golf wedges are found in lower loft ranges such as Pitching and Approach golf wedges used for longer approach shots. More golfers benefit from having more bounce (10 to 14 degree) as opposed to less. However, this is something only the golf player can ultimately decide upon.

Standard Bounce Wedges

The ‘standard bounce’ golf wedge is perfect for all conditions, and will work well with any golfer, making it one of the most all-round playable golf clubs on the market. It will even suit the more creative players--it’s that versatile!

A brilliant option for golfers who prefer to play an open or square face out of the bunker and who have an average of slightly steeper attack angle, standard bounce wedges will work for anyone, not just the more experienced players.

High Bounce Wedges

High bounce golf wedges are good for golfers with a steep attack angle, designed to play out of soft turf and sand. The combination of the wider flange and higher bounce angle prevents digging, whilst creating smoother gliding action of the sole along the ground. This means that a high bounce wedge will play exceptionally well out of soft sand for golfers who prefer to keep a square face through impact. High bounce golf wedges are often associated with higher lofts, although this is not always the case.

Low-to-Mid Handicap Wedges

Low to mid handicap wedges are made for the best golfers. Beginners and intermediate players should give these clubs a wide berth, as wedges made for the low to mid handicapper are far superior in difficulty and need to be used by seasoned pros or very good amateurs.

The Mizuno Golf MP T7 Blue IP Wedge, TaylorMade Tour Preferred EF Chrome Wedge and Titleist SM6 Vokey Tour Chrome Wedge are great options for golfers playing at low handicap, or between low and medium handicap.

Mid Handicap Wedges

Mid handicap golf wedges are designed to help golfers transition from high handicap to a more difficult golf club. Though still not good enough to swing at low handicap, wedges at medium handicap will offer some challenge, but also plenty of pay-off down the road.

Some good medium handicap golf wedges include the Cleveland Golf 588 RTX 2.0 CB Tour Satin Wedge and Callaway Golf Steelhead XR Steel Sand Wedge.

Golf Wedges

High Handicap Wedges

For golfers just starting out, high handicap wedges are the way to go. Suitable for all golfers regardless of experience, these wedges will help hone skills until you feel ready to make the leap up into mid-handicap territory.

Good solid high-handicap golf wedges include the PING Glide 2.0 Wedges, Callaway Golf Mack Daddy Forged Chrome Wedge, Cobra King ONE Wedge, Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP Chrome Wedge, Fazer XR Black Nickel Wedge, Cleveland Golf Conforming Chrome CG15 Wedge and Nike Golf Engage Toe Sweep Wedge.

American Golf has a large selection of golf wedges to suit the individual needs of every golfer available in-store and online.

At American Golf there is no shortage of golf wedges to choose from, and we only stock the biggest brands on the market, including Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, TaylorMade, Titleist, Mizuno, Nike, Wilson Staff, PING, Fazer, Wilson Deep Red, Golphin.