Buying Advice Golf Luggage

Buying Advice Luggage

Going away on holiday or business and fancy a game of golf while you’re there? This extensive helpful buying guide to golf luggage details everything a golfers needs to know when purchasing luggage suitable for their golf clothing and accessories.

Duffle Bags

Duffle bags, such as the Callaway Golf Clubhouse Collection and PING Duffle Bag have become some of the most used pieces of luggage due in no small part to them being lightweight and roomy. Ideal for those getaway weekends or a golfing holiday, duffle bags are larger in size than backpacks or tote bags, though this is because the storage options are so much more impressive. In most cases a duffle bag can be purchased in small, medium and large sizes, making them the perfect sharing luggage for families or friends on a budget. Commonly a duffle bag will be made from nylon and have excellent waterproof exteriors for traversing all types of land and the weathers those places bring.

Practice/Golf Ball/Shag Bags

Practice bags (also known as golf ball bags and shag bags) are used predominantly for practice purposes and not the golf course. These bags, like the Srixon Practise Golf Ball Shag Bag for example, are ideal for collecting and carrying golf balls to and from the practice range. The bags are small and lightweight, fit easily into a car boot or locker and can hold a great amount of golf balls.

Shag bags are ball bags that have a funnel that collects balls as you place the funnel over them, to save you from having to bend down.

Luggage Accessories

Luggage Accessories

A nice little extra which no luggage should be without unless you aren’t planning on letting it out of your sight, bag tags, like the British Lions Plastic Golf Bag Tag, help identify your luggage from that of someone else’s. Placing a name and address on one of these and attaching it to the luggage will make it quickly and easily identified when retrieving it after a plane or coach trip.

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