Similar to push and pull trolleys, electric and manual golf trolleys are operated by being pushed around the course by the golfer. However, electric trolleys also provide a mechanical boost which requires less effort from the user and makes getting around the greens a lot easier.

What is an Electric Golf Trolley?

Once seen as something designed for senior golfers, electric trolleys have grown considerably popular. Electric trolleys alleviate the pressure placed on the back by lugging heavy golf clubs around – making them a much-used product by single, double and groups of players. This helps keep golfers in good shape as they approach each hole, saving them energy and lessening their fatigue.

Using Electric Golf Trolleys

Electric trolleys are powerful machines which can manoeuvre across diverse terrains, up steep hills and downhill without trouble. Often electric trolleys include batteries, and these are often reliable to assure 18 holes are completed in any one game.

Some electric trolleys allow players to control them remotely, which is great for those who aren’t keen on manually pushing a trolley around the course.

How Electric Golf Trolleys Operate

Electric golf trolleys are powered by rechargeable batteries and are able to power along through poor weather rocky turf. The remotely-controlled trolleys allow players to navigate a course around the greens with the trolley in tow, driving along at a customised pace.

We recommend you purchase a powerful enough battery for your trolley in order to get the best performances from every game. We stock a huge range of golf batteries at American Golf.

Manual Golf Trolleys

Manual golf trolleys are usually designed to be ergonomically sound, meaning they ooze ease and comfort when used on the golf course. A good trolley will glide over the greens and your hands can be pressed comfortably to its handle. The simple construction of these trolleys often consists of a straight bar that is roughly running at around 45 degrees – on which the golf bag is supported at the base and top – and two rear wheels are added for stability and movement.

The pull along handle adds excellent support for the player, while a third wheel can also be used at the base of some trolleys to stop if from falling over.

Additional Features & Benefits

Lots of golf trolleys these days are collapsible; able to be tucked away for easy transportation along with the golf clubs, so checking this is the case before buying could free up a lot of extra space in your car, home, garden or garage.

Golf trolleys also have a wealth of accessories to make them more functional and user-friendly, so checking these ranges out can be fun as well as rewarding. Accessories include umbrellas, scorecard holders and drinks holders, among other things.

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