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2017 Golf Bags

A round of golf can take a long time to complete, so keeping your stamina high is vital when travelling around the greens. Lugging a heavy bag full of clubs can become tiresome after a while, causing stress to the back, as well as sapping energy which would be much better suited for swinging the golf club. So choosing the right golf bag for your individual needs is always important, and should be treated as such.

Choosing a golf bag comes down to personal preference, albeit it brand, design, price point etc. However, there’s a whole lot more which needs to be considered, and this buying guide will offer advice and tips in choosing the correct bag for your individual game. While also offering examples of some of the best new golf bags to hit the market in 2017.

Carry/Stand Bags

Far and away the most popular golf bags around, stand bags (also referred to as carry bags) are used by the majority of golfers due to their slightness of weight and ease in bringing a full set of golf clubs to the greens.

Stand bags are larger than pencil bags, having added benefits offering a little more to the player while on the golf course. Stand bags gain points for having a stand to hold the bag upright when left unattended, meaning it will stand safely at your side during a round. This keeps the golf bag from getting dirty, also making it easier to remove clubs from the divider.

When selecting stand bags, always be sure to check the stability of the legs along with the base of the bag. Premium quality stand bags, such as the Callaway Golf Warbird Stand Bag, Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 2 Double Stand Bag, TaylorMade Flextech Stand Bag, Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Stand Bag, PING G400 Hoofer Stand Bag and Wilson Staff Nexus III Stand Bag will stand firm in conditions, ensuring a far longer lifespan in the process.

It is also good practice to check out how well waterproofed the carry bag is. Waterproof properties will ensure golf bags remain in good condition, even in heavy rain, wind and snow. Carry bags such as the TaylorMade Waterproof Stand Bag, BIG MAX Aqua 7 Stand Bag, Sun Mountain H2NO 14-Way Stand Bag, Callaway Golf HyperDry Lite Stand Bag and Titleist Players 5 StaDry Stand Bag will ensure golf clubs and the interior of the bag will not become wet and damaged when playing a round in adverse weather conditions.

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2017 Golf Bags

Cart/Trolley Bags

Cart or trolley bags are designed specifically to be carried on a golf cart or buggy, and are aimed towards older golfers or female players who aren’t looking to manually carry their golf clubs.

Cart bags are pretty large, but will fit snugly onto most electric or manual trolleys. Different brands offer various features and benefits, with some utilising the golf bags’ size with a plethora of storage options, including the PING G400 Traverse Cart Bag, Callaway Golf Org 14 Cart Bag 2017, Titleist 2016 Lightweight Cart Bag, PING Traverse G Limited Edition Cart Bag, Mizuno Golf Elite Cart Bag and Clicgear B3 Cart Bag. This gives players the ability to bring to the course with them waterproof clothing, valuables, rain hoods, golf balls etc. Cart bags are a lot more rigid than carry bags.

Cart bags have a tough inner lining which makes them hard-wearing and a decent amount water-resistant. Premium cart bags, such as the Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Cart Bag 2017, PowaKaddy Dri Edition Waterproof Cart Bag, TaylorMade Waterproof Cart Bag, Motocaddy Dry-Series Cart Bag and BIG MAX Aqua Sport Cart Bag will last longer and give you a better chance of keeping golf clubs safe, dry and undamaged.

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Tour Bags

Tour bags are the largest golf bag type available, usually around 10inches in diameter and sometimes weighting as much as 45lbs. Tour bags earn their name due to being used by Tour professionals.

Tour bags are not recommended for players wanting to carry their own bags due to their large size (approximately 9inches or more), which makes them more apt for accommodating everything Tour players need while on the greens, including extra clothing (often waterproofs), gloves, refreshments, golf balls, tees etc.

Tour bags are premium quality and should be used only with a trolley due to their weight.

Pencil Bags

Pencil bags are thinner and lighter than regular golf bags. They’re nifty little bags, which have soared in popularity to the point where they are seen as frequently on the greens as a carry bag or cart bag.

However, despite their slight size, pencil bags still offer a good deal of storage options, with a 6-inch diameter top able to hold up to 14 golf clubs with ease.

A reason to buy the pencil bag is the fact it can be packed into a car boot or clubhouse locker. And, despite offering very little protection in adverse weather conditions, pencil bags are ideal for warm days when carrying a heavy load isn’t recommended.

Some of the most popular golf pencil bags available today includes the TaylorMade Quiver Stand Bag and Callaway Golf HyperLite 1 Pencil Bag.

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