How to chip one handed with Jason Palmer

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It's a strange situation to find a professional golfer who openly embraces their chipping woes.

European Tour Pro Jason Palmer is definitely in the minority. An unconventional professional, with an unconventional way of playing.

The Kirby-Muxloe Golf Club based player chips one handed from a range of up to 50 yards. In this video he shows you he to play the perfect chip shot with one hand, this is a great technique for those that may have issue with their own chipping game.

What are the benefits of chipping one-handed?

“Playing a chip with one hand it really brings the bounce in and this helps now.

"With two hands I was so bad as I played it too much with the leading edge.

"From bunkers I am largely two handed as you can play it with more speed and you can be aggressive if you have got the right set-up.

"I can’t play a flop shot with the speed of a Phil Mickelson but I can get it quite high and land it fairly soft.

"I have to be quite shrewd with my long game and miss greens in the right spots.

"If you are attempting a flop shot then you’ve made an error in your course management.”

When do you play one-handed??

“I struggle more with the shorter shots, the ones that require feel and touch. But I would never consider going back to two hands – the results are too destructive.

"I used to go up to 50 yards, I try now not to leave myself between 30 and 50 yards which is a bit of a grey area.

"If I am in that range I tend to play it one handed, it depends on the shot and how I feel.

"If I grip it with two hands I know when it’s not right and when I’m going to do something really bad.”

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