Srixon AD333 balls packs

The 2017 Srixon AD333 golf ball offers a balance of distance, greenside control, and soft feel.

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AD333 Ball Product


Z-star product
Cut Through of Ultisoft ball

Super low compression, ultimate feel. The UltiSoft is designed specifically for golfers with low to mid swing speeds who are looking for the ultimate in feel without sacrificing distance.

The super-low compression of our softest ever E.G.G core delivers an incredibly soft feel whilst maintaining maximum initial ball speed to generate longer, straighter distance.

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One of the world leaders in innovation for golf equipment, Srixon is dedicated to develop golf products of the highest quality to improve and enhance the performance of a wide range of golf players. Renowned for their high performance golf balls, Srixon also produce a full range of golf clubs and accessories.

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