Therabody Wave Duo


Therabody Wave Duo



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Therabody Wave Duo
The wave Duo is an ergonomically contoured vibration device, perfect for therapy on the back, spine, and neck areas of the body due to its unique shaping.

The Wave Duo Features:

  • Wave Duo Device
  • Customised Vibration Settings / QuietRoll Technology™
  • USB-A to USB-C Cable
  • Protective Carrying Pouch

Curved Design

The Duo has an innovative wave texture and ergonomic shape to target contoured body areas. It has 5 custom vibration frequencies to deliver just the right angles of pressure to areas in need of releasing soreness, reducing tension, and improving movement. The wave texture of the device also adds an extra dimension of pressure with superior traction control, and has 200-minutes of battery life.

Smart Enabled

It is Bluetooth® enabled which allows you to connect to the Therabody app where you can take control of your experience and discover new routines to meet your body demands.
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