Titleist DT TruSoft 12 Ball Pack


Titleist DT TruSoft 12 Ball Pack


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Titleist DT TruSoft 12 Ball Pack
The all new DT TruSoft balls are constructed with advanced aerodynamics for maximum distance, and a more consistent piecing ball flight. The ball has a soft feel and offers the player high quality and control.

The DT TruSoft Balls Feature:

  • Softest Compression
  • Low Long Game Spin
  • Short Game Stopping Power
  • Quality & Consistency

TruTouch Core

Engineered by Titleist with a low compression core, to provide the golfer with soft feel on every shot, and low spin on your long game shots for maximum distance on the golf course.

TruFlex Cover

Titleist are renowned for constructing highly durable and quality products, and this resilient ball features a TruFlex cover which provides increased short game spin for more control, and to provide instant feedback on every shot.
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