Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash 12 Ball Pack


Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash 12 Ball Pack

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Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash 12 Ball Pack
The new Pro V1x Left Dash golf ball from Titleist has been designed for players seeking high flight, to deliver dramatically lower spin on a full swing and a firmer feel. The different characteristics of the ball allow every player including professionals to fine-tune Flight, Feel and Spin.

The Pro V1x Left Dash Golf Ball Features:

  • Extreme Distance & Slightly Lower Flight
  • Lower Full Swing Speed Spin
  • Drop-and-Stop™ Short Game Control
  • Firmer Feel & Long Lasting Durability

Multi-Component Technology

The golf ball features a new Spherically-Tiled 328 Tetrahedral dimple design, with a firm cast Urethane Elastomer™ cover system. The ball also includes an improved ZG Process Core and new casing layer which increases ball speed and lowers long game spin, all of which will provide the superior performance you require on every shot.

Premium Performance

The golf ball has been made to the highest quality of standards to ensure long lasting durability, and every element has been formulated to work together to give you a high-performance golf ball, from tee to green.
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