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LP Neoprene Open Knee Support

LP Neoprene Open Knee Support
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LP Neoprene Open Knee Support

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LP Neoprene Open Knee Support
If you are having any problems with your knee then this closed patella support is the one for you. This quality knee support is made from Neoprene and adds compression using an exclusive patella stabiliser which stops excessive movement from the knee cap. Helps to minimise swelling and stiffness after an injury. This is an excellent support to aid you back to full fitness following and operation to your knee. Works excellently well at helping relieve pain from strains, arthritis, and protects against future scrapes. The open patella design reduces pressure becoming too much on top of the knee cap. The support is created from the highest grade closed cell Neoprene which is then covered (on both sides) with Nylon to add comfort. This allows the material to offer brilliant compression and heat retention keeping the knee warm and improves blood circulation.

The open knee support from LP features

  • Provides support and compression
  • Highest grade Neoprene
  • Non-restrictive
  • For a range of knee problems
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