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Hole More Putts Tablet

Hole More Putts

Hole More Putts Tablet

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Hole More Putts Tablet
Improving your putting ability will shave many shots off your scores on the golf course and with this Hole More Putts tablet, you can see which areas you are weak at and make instant improvements!

This device also features:

  • Measures the 5 Impact Factors defined by the PGA
  • See the data on your iPhone, iPad or Mac
  • Provides areas to focus on
  • Based on the diagnosis, Hole More Putts will give you personalised instructions
Putting accounts for 40% of shots on a golf course and this high tech device will measure the 5 Impact Factors so you know exactly where to improve your putting strokes; Face Angle, Impact Point, Path, Speed at Impact and Angle of attack. Once you have used the device, you can see all the data on the app or the 'Members Area' on the website. This provides you with a trend analysis of your last 5 sets. Each set of 5 can be analysed in detail and the website gives a visualisation of each putt showing the 5 factors individually. You can also get detailed analysis of your stroke showing where it is outside the desired target areas parameters. You will also get direction on the specific areas you should focus on to achieve the best results quickly as well practice drills suited to what you need.


After just 5 putts, the tablet will calculate your Putting Index, which reveals a weighted average reflecting the relative importance of each Impact Factor. From here, the website and app will highlight all of the stroke elements that show an opportunity for improvement. Hole More Putts software then identifies the factors where the biggest and quickest improvements can be made. This will be done by offering personalised improvement instruction and specific drills for you to practice in an easy-to-follow video format. The website also provides a range of other Tips and Instruction including Green Reading, Distance Control and Practising effectively.
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