ZEPP Golf 2 3D Swing Analyser


ZEPP Golf 2 3D Swing Analyser

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This product received an Editors' Choice Award for Best Swing & Game Analysers by Golf Digest

Zepp 2 is the next generation of the worlds most powerful swing analyzer, with innovative features all designed to make your training personal. Improve your game faster than ever before by just attaching the sensor to your golf glove and letting Zepp 2 improve your game. With Zepp, practicing your swing becomes a source of game-changing insights and improvements and now you can go out and play on the course and get all the data of your swing afterwards. See how to break through to the next level and consistently hit more fairways and greens.

The Swing Analyser Features:

  • Powerful Swing Analyzer
  • 3D Swing Analysis
  • Instant Evaluations
  • Smart Coach

3D Swing Analysis

Review your swing in 3D from any angle, the device measures all of your important swing aspects: club speed, hand speed, club plane, tempo, back swing length etc. There is also a auto video capture feature to compare your swing with data.

Instant Evaluations

Receive instant analysis and evaluations on the golf course and on the range. Just take a few swing and Zepp will process thousands of data points to identify the right training program, just for you. Then Test your swing too see how much you’ve improved and where you should focus you training next.

On Course Swing Analysis

After your round, just pair the sensor in Course Mode, and Zepp will measure every full swing on the course, provide an overall score, and immediately show you where there’s opportunity to improve. Zepp Golf 2 can now reveal how consistent your swing was on the course by measuring your; Club Plane, Hand Plane, Tempo, and back swing. The consistency metric has also been incorporated into the Instant Evaluation for when you’re on the range. You can compare your swing metrics and how consistent you are from round to round and from range to course. Then track all your improvements on the course, where it really counts.

Smart Coach

The Zepp 2 recommends personalised training programs from PGA and LPGA players and coaches to help you improve faster. See improvements you have made in in real-time and then share your progress.


Compatibility: iPhone 4S+, iPad 3rd Generation+, iPod Touch 5th Generation, iOS 8 +, Android 4.4.2 +

Included in the Box: Zepp 2 Sensor, Glove Mount, and Charger


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