PuttOUT Deluxe Pro Set

PuttOUT Deluxe Pro Set
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PuttOUT Deluxe Pro Set

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PuttOUT Deluxe Pro Set
For any golfer, a home putting set-up is an essential training tool, and the PuttOUT Deluxe Training Bundle makes practice enjoyable, effective, and easy to fit into your day wherever you are.

The PuttOUT Deluxe Pro Set Features:

  • Deluxe Putting Mat
  • Pressure Putt Training Aid
  • Pro Gate Set
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor use

Deluxe Putting Mat

Practice makes perfect, with the highly durable PuttOUT Deluxe putting mat. This nylon mat with heavy-duty rubber backing ensures you can practice your putting anytime and anywhere. The mat has a stimpmeter reading of 10, to replicate a medium to fast-paced green, with alignment lines and foot markers from 6 feet out. Size : 50cm x 240cm

Pressure Putt Training Aid

The scientifically designed PuttOUT training aid simulates real playing conditions to help you improve your putting skills. The scientifically designed parabolic curve features a white rubber target which is the exact size of a real hole. This curve also auto returns your ball on good putts, rejects missed putts, and holds on to any puts that deemed to be perfect to give you instant feedback on your short game. The difficulty can be increased a level by clicking on the disc on the curve to open up a mini-target which requires your aiming skills and just the right amount of pace. Product size: Folded - L 21cm W 11cm H 3cm

PuttOUT Pro Gate Set (3 Pack)

Practice your putting skills either at home or on the actual putting green, with these 3 individual putting gates. Which comes complete with a protective bag for storage and transportation. These actively work on your path and target by aiming the ball through the gates. Plus with small medium and large gates, you can practice your putting to new levels of precision. The gates are ideal to work with a putting mat surface or have grippy feet to sit securely on outdoor putting green surfaces.
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