Blunt G2 Umbrella


Blunt G2 Umbrella

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You won't find a sturdier umbrella even if you searched the entire internet! This beast of an umbrella can withstand wind tunnels, so it will definitely handle whatever you can throw at it. With its innovative design and extensive quality checks, it has been designed to provide shelter from all weather. Providing UV protection and some well-deserved shade on the hotter days, or an unbeatable shield against the not so pleasant forces.

Blunt G2 features:

  • Wind tunnel tested
  • 38 point quality checked
  • Blunt tipped umbrella
  • Blunt tech pocket

Reuse and rethink

Every year countless umbrellas crumble in even the most amenable of windy conditions, cheap materials and design being the reason for this. Blunt hasn't settled for this outcome, every detail has been considered. Designed with patented Blunt tips and telescopic ribs that count as an integral point of the unique radial tension system creating the worlds first fully tensioned umbrella.

Extreme testing

Most brollies hate strong breezes never mind strong winds! As part of the design process, all Blunt models are independently wind tunnel tested to speeds that far exceed the standard of every day use. Due to most people not ever having to use an umbrella in a wind tunnel, real world testing is also employed to ensure a high quality performance no matter where you are.

The 'loveweather' ethos

The only product to make you like the rain! While most umbrellas buckle Blunt will just keep going and going. Once you have used one, you will see how umbrellas should act. As well as staying dry, the material is UVR classified to provide UV-protection Come rain, hail or shine. they love weather and so will you.
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