Blunt XL Umbrella


Blunt XL Umbrella

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The blunt umbrella redefines large golf umbrella performance.

This Blunt Umbrella features:

  • Extremely Strong Design
  • Wind Tunnel Testing
  • Embrace the Rain
  • Biggest of the Blunt Range
This golf umbrella is the largest in the Blunt range and is packed full of technology to ensure rainy days are still fun days. Thanks to its High Tension Canopy and Aeordynamic handling, it not only copes with the rain, but the strongest of winds. These umbrellas have even been tried and tested in wind tunnels up to force 10 speeds! Each umbrella comes with a 38 point check, safety tips, are fully storm resistant and come with a 2 year warranty!


Diameter: 137 cm / 54 in
Length: 93.5 cm / 37 in
Weight: 850 g / 1.87 lb
Type: Stick Umbrella
Fabric: Polyester
Code: 323739


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