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2018 Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are the most versatile golf club in the players bag. If you’re looking for the best fairway club to hone shot accuracy on the greens, or hit the golf ball further for longer, then this buying guide is here to offer advice, hints and tips on which fairway wood is best for you.

New fairways on the market include the Callaway Golf Rogue Sub Zero Fairway Wood which features a carbon composite crown, combined with Jailbreak Technology and Hyper Speed Face Cup to promote high golf ball speed and even more distance. The Sub Zero has a lower spin configuration with a 5-gram weight screw in a more front facing position to help lower the CG and spin for even greater distances.

The TaylorMade M4 Fairway Wood has a large footprint and low-profile shape to make it easy to launch and easy to play. The sole is shaped for optimal playability and improved sound & feel.

The Cobra Golf King F8 Fairway Wood has been designed with a progressive Baffler Dual construction to provide improved performance from all types of lies. These pronounced rails allow the club to glide easily through any lie for improved turf interaction. To generate more club head speed, the fairway has 360° Aero technology, polymer Aero trips positioned around the perimeters of the head, which reduces aerodynamic drag for greater distance performance.

2018 Fairways

What is a Fairway Wood?

What is a Fairway Wood?

The fairway wood is similar in loft to irons, but golfers generally use it to hit the golf ball further thanks to it having a larger head and more power packed into the swing.

Fairway woods are used most on the on their namesake (the fairway), but sometimes golfers will play off the tee from tighter holes, where it is important to be accurate rather than trying to maximise distance.

More information about fairway woods and their uses on the golf course can be found by visiting one of our American Golf stores, where you can speak one-to-one with a PGA Pro, who will be happy to help with any questions you may have about any aspect of the game.

High-Handicap Fairway Woods

Golfers playing with a high handicap need a fairway wood in their bag. Most golfers play with a 3-wood and 5-wood, but 7-woods are also popular. A great deal of high handicap golfers find their trajectory off a fairway is much higher than that of a driver – meaning the golf ball will land softly. This should be kept in mind when it comes to picking clubs for the bag.

Another thing to note for high handicappers is that the fairway wood is useful for second shots onto the green, as well as for teeing off shots when the driver fails to get the job done with his or her driver.

Starting with at least one fairway wood in the bag is generally considered to be good practice. In regards to which model put in the bag, that is a choice solely in the hands of the player, though there are a good few options, including steel, titanium and graphite. Most golfers would recommend graphite when playing as a high-handicapper as it offer more forgiveness, but the choice is open.

2018 Fairways

Mid-Handicap Fairway Woods

Mid-Handicap Fairway Woods Still a way from pro level, mid handicap golfers should be proficient with a golf club and understand the benefits of working a good quality fairway wood. Though not quite ready to make the leap to low handicap just yet, mid-level golfers are still pretty good on the greens. The below golf clubs should be comfortable for players at mid-handicap, with some offering a little more forgiveness than others. Low-Handicap Fairway Woods Low handicap golfers have mastered their golf clubs by tried and tested means, and now feel entirely comfortable in what they use on the greens. Low handicap golfers are able to tap into fairway wood technologies, although playing at this level also means seeking greater performance options. At American Golf we stock a great range of Fairway Woods from all the biggest brands, including Callaway, Titleist, Cobra, TaylorMade, Nike, PING, Wilson Staff, Benross, Mizuno, Fazer, Wilson, Yonex, US Kids. We are dedicated to helping you improve your game. Matching you with the right equipment from the widest range in the UK needs the latest swing and ball analysis technology. Every one of our American Golf stores is ready to help you hit longer and truer. We advise lots of customers in-store and every one of them has a different style to their play. This is why we believe that getting to grips with latest technologies is the best way to advance your game and find the right golf equipment for you.