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2020 Golf Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are one of the most versatile golf club in the players bag. If you’re looking for the best fairway club to hone shot accuracy on the golf course or hit the golf ball further and straighter, then this buying guide is here to offer advice, hints and tips and help you decide on which fairway wood is best for you.

New fairways on the market include the Honma TW747 Fairway Wood which has been engineered with a lightweight carbon crown material with a thin and flexible high strength steel face to produce faster ball speed. The weight saving achieved by using the carbon material crown helps for a low centre of gravity to produce a high launch with less spin for long towing distance performance.

The Callaway Golf Epic Flash Fairway Wood features Jailbreak Technology. This essentially changes the way the head and club face behave at impact to deliver more ball speed and distance. Jailbreak is 2 strong titanium bars (both just 3g) behind the face, parallel to each other and connected on either end to the crown and sole. The size, strength and location of each Jailbreak bar work together to reduce how much the crown and sole deflect, forcing the face to take on more of the load created at impact than ever before.

The Cobra Golf F-MAX Superlight Fairway Wood is idea for golfers with moderate swings speeds are going to benefit from this metal wood, engineered specifically to launch the ball higher, and straighter, with unimagined speed and forgiveness for more consistent results. The fairway also features an offset design, to deliver a square face at impact, with subtle crown alignment feature which helps you to square the club at the address position for straight distance performance.

2020 Callaway Fairway Wood

What is a Fairway Wood? - The fairway wood is similar in loft to the longer irons in the golf bag, but golfers generally use it to hit the golf ball further thanks to it having a larger head, a longer shaft and more power packed into the swing.

Fairway woods are used most on the on their namesake (the fairway), but sometimes golfers will play off the tee from tighter holes, where it is important to be accurate rather than trying to maximise distance.

More information about fairway woods and their uses on the golf course can be found by visiting one of our American Golf stores, where you can speak one-to-one with a PGA Pro, who will be happy to help with any questions you may have about any aspect of the game.

2020 Cobra Fairway Wood

High-Handicap Fairway Woods - Golfers playing with a high handicap need a fairway wood in their bag. Most golfers play with a 3-wood and 5-wood, but 7-woods are also popular. A great deal of high handicap golfers find their trajectory off a fairway wood is much higher than that of a driver and will generate a little more spin – meaning the golf ball will land softly and stay straighter. This should be kept in mind when it comes to picking clubs for the bag.

Another thing to note for high handicappers is that the fairway wood is useful addition to the golf bag for those longer second shots onto the green.

Starting with at least one fairway wood in the bag is generally considered to be good practice. In regards to which model and number you put in the golf bag, that is a choice solely in the hands of the player. There here are a good few options to choose from including head style, shaft type and whether a 3, 5 or 7 would be more beneficial to you. See all our full range of fairway woods here here.

2020 TaylorMade Fairway Wood

Mid-Handicap Fairway Woods - Still a way from pro level, mid handicap golfers should be proficient with a golf club and understand the benefits of working a good quality fairway wood. Though not quite ready to make the leap to low handicap just yet, mid-level golfers are still pretty good on the out on the golf course, but can still find the benefit of using the correct golf club for their game. Fairway woods aimed at the mid-handicap golfer do still offer plenty of forgiveness but also the ability to dabble in being able to shape and play a different variety of shots than would be possible with beginners woods.

2020 Titleist Fairway Wood

Low-Handicap Fairway Woods - Low handicap golfers have mastered their golf clubs by tried and tested means, and now feel entirely comfortable in what they use on the greens. Low handicap golfers are able to tap into fairway wood technologies, although playing at this level also means seeking greater performance options.

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