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Golf Foundation

Announced partnership with the Golf Foundation in February 2015.

About GF golf foundation

The Golf Foundation is a charity committed to giving children and young people the opportunity to experience golf and the benefits it has to offer, firmly believing that golf can give youngsters ‘Skills for Life’ that extend way beyond the fairways. The Foundation believes that, with its strong emphasis on standards of behaviour, the game of golf is an ideal medium through which youngsters can learn about honesty, respect, co-operation, perseverance, concentration and self-motivation, which will serve them well not only on the course as they grow up, but also in the wider world.

What American Golf are doing & why they are supporting Golf Foundation

American Golf is dedicated to working at the heart of golf, developing new initiatives and building relationships that enable more people than ever to have access to golf. The 2015 season sees American Golf launching events such as its 9 Hole Championship and Junior Championship that are aimed at driving participation in the game. All the profits from these of events, along with a number of other fundraising initiatives will be going towards the work of the Golf Foundation. “We’re real admirers of the work that the Golf Foundation does,” said Daniel Gathercole, Head of Marketing at American Golf. “The game has been an important part of my life since I was 7 years old, so, like a lot of the staff here, I want as many young people as possible to experience the same sense of enjoyment that I did teeing off on my local course.”

What it means to the Golf Foundation

Sarah Tennyson, the Golf Foundation’s Marketing Manager is excited to see where the partnership can lead, “We have been impressed to learn about the initiatives that American Golf is launching this year and are delighted that they have chosen to support us. We are sure that working in partnership we will identify many new mutually beneficial opportunities in the year to come.”

On Course Foundation

Announced partnership with On Course Foundation in August 2014.

About OCFon course

On Course Foundation supports the recovery of wounded, injured and sick Service personnel and veterans through golf. The charity aims to build its members confidence and self-belief through nationwide golf skills and employment events and set them on the path to meaningful full-time employment opportunities in the golf industry.

As a sport, golf offers a unique platform where players of all skills and backgrounds can compete on a level playing field. The work of the Foundation is designed to help its member’s physical and mental well-being and provide an environment where camaraderie and shared experiences promote their recovery. With tuition lead by advanced PGA Professionals, career advice from key professionals within the golf industry and ongoing support for the member’s recovery, On Course Foundation provides a sense of purpose to people who once struggled to see hope in their future.

Why American Golf are supporting OCF

American Golf shares in On Course Foundation’s dedication to growing the game of golf and extending its benefits across a broad range of people and places. The company recognises the positive effect that the game of golf can have in people’s lives and when it became aware of the unique work of On Course Foundation it wanted to help. With a nationwide network of retail stores the opportunity for work experience placements for On Course Foundation members was soon apparent. One of OCF’s three day training events held at Portal Golf & Country Club was attended by the American Golf HR Director, Diane Greenland, where she spoke to attendees about the company and the work opportunities available. She comments, “OCF is such a unique and inspiring organisation. It offers tangible benefits to its members, as so many of the people we met at the event explained. They play a valuable role in reshaping people’s lives and we are really proud to be able to help them achieve their goals.”

Aside from work experience opportunities American Golf and On Course Foundation are planning a number of joint working opportunities through the season that will promote the benefits of golf participation and the inspiring work of the Foundation and its members.

What it means to OCF

“With many of our members lacking self- belief, it’s been our aim to help them realise their potential within the golf industry and set them on a fulfilling career path. American Golf is a great partner for us as they have a range of full and part-time positions covering the whole country. We are delighted to have them involved and look forward to a long, fruitful relationship,” comments John Dodds, Fundraising Manager at the On Course Foundation.