Duca Del Cosma

Duca del Cosma Shoe Care Kit

Duca Del Cosma

Duca del Cosma Shoe Care Kit


  • Choose Colour: Neutral
  • Choose Size: One size

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Duca del Cosma Shoe Care Kit
Your shoes will get the protection they need to stay clean, look good and stay protected from the elements with Duca del Cosma's complete premium shoe care kit.

This kit features:

  • Shoe cleaner
  • Shoe protector
  • Neutral shoe polish
  • Shoe brush

Shoe cleaner

Gentle cleaning formula. Removes dirt and diminishes stains. Safe to use on: leather, canvas, nylon, rubber, vinyl and nylon mesh.

Shoe protector

Formula is effective on all kinds of materials. Water and UV resistant. Prevents discolouration due to an invisible nano coating. 24 hour drying period after treatment.

How to use

1. Dip brush into a bowl of water. 2. Apply a liberal amount of solution to the brush. 3. Dip the brush back into the bowl of water. 4. Scrub shoes creating a foaming action. 5. Wipe clean with a cloth - repeat steps 1-5 as required. 6. Air dry shoes for 24 hours.
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