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Callaway Golf Chev Mulligan Shoes

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Callaway Golf Chev Mulligan Shoes

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Callaway Golf Chev Mulligan Shoes
In the true golfing spirit of a ‘Golfing Mulligan’, the Chev Mulligan will put a smile on your face. A beautiful contemporary design, loaded with features and built on our new Xfer™ outsole, it feels like ‘you’re getting a free one’. The Chev Series shoes are the backbone of Callaway's collection. Core basics incorporating proprietary technologies that provide, comfort, performance and style.

Callaway Golf Chev Mulligan Shoes features:

  • Xfer™ downhill traction elements
  • Xfer™ Dual Power Walls
  • Force Flex Control Channels
  • 1 Year Guarantee

Force Flex Control Channels

Longitudinal and latitudinal flex grooves that respond to force by flexing in the right direction to enable you to maintain optimal alignment, stability and traction.

Xfer™ Dual Power Walls

Lateral and medial power walls that, combined with Force Flex technology maximise foot alignment, stability and dynamic traction.

Big Bertha Power Cleat®

Big Bertha Power Cleat®. With longer traction elements on one half of this asymmetrical cleat, Callaway have biomechanically tuned their position on the sole to assist your energy transfer and enhance the power that can be generated through more solid ground contact.

Dual Xfer™ Power Walls

Callaway’s innovative Xfer™ Power Wall technology prevents lateral side foot slippage while absorbing and releasing your swing’s power during the load and unload of your swing.

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