PAYNTR Golf Men's X-001F Shoes


PAYNTR Golf Men's X-001F Shoes



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The PAYNTR Golf shoe offers a true performance benefit. An alternative golf shoe that blends style with the methodology of deeply grounded ground swing biomechanics.

The PAYNTR Shoe Features:

  • Waterproof Clarino Microfiber Upper (with NEVERWET Treatment)
  • 4 Quadrant Responsive Full-Length EVA Midsole
  • Lightweight Thermoplastic Urethane TPU Outsole
  • Ortholite X40 Sock Liner & Lasting Board

Waterproof Upper

The upper has been constructed with a Clarino Microfiber Skin that has been treated with NEVERWET treatment. A superhydrophobic solution to give the lightweight and breathable upper even more waterproof performance. This coating changes the way water droplets react by changing the angle of how water beads up, allowing them to glide off more freely to keep you dry during your performance. The black colourway has a slightly different lightweight and flexible woven textile upper material. Engineered with TPU and nylon yarns which offer additional support.

Explosive Propulsion

This high-performance PMX midsole has a 4 quadrant responsive full-Length EVA midsole. Zonally engineered with a firmer EVA in the lateral heel and medial to support horizontal weight shift which occurs during the golf swing. Plus a softer EVA in the lateral ff and medial heel enhances flexibility to give you the platform to remain lockdown for as long as possible during the athletic movements of the golf swing.

Power Plate Midsole Cavity

It also incorporates a lightweight graphite power plate support through the midfoot. This harnesses more ground reaction forces during the golf swing, to return more responsive energy.

Three Dimensional Traction

This spikeless traction system was built for the biomechanics of the golf swing. It gives the golfer the ability to control linear motion, resist rotational movement, and harness vertical ground forces.

Ortholite X40 Sock Liner & Lasting Board

The shoe comes complete with a sock liner and lasting board. Open-cell PU foam cushioning compresses less than 5% over its lifetime, unlike traditional foam. Providing a lightweight and highly breathable fit, that ensures long-lasting comfort and performance that never changes.
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