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OCEAN TEE Wobbegong Zip Sweater

OCEAN TEE Wobbegong Zip Sweater
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OCEAN TEE Wobbegong Zip Sweater



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OCEAN TEE Wobbegong Zip Sweater
Welcome to the Wobbegong sweater from OCEAN TEE. This garment is created from a premium blend of OCS certified organic cotton and recycled garments. A ground-breaking recycling technique know as "The Loop" that has been developed allows 3% of this sweater to use recycled garments. It helps to flag the massive issue of waste in the fashion industry as only 0.1% of collected clothing is recycled into new fibre.

The Wobbegong features:

  • Zip neck
  • Breathable
  • Smooth speckled finish
  • 97% OCS certified Organic Cotton, 3% recycled garments
OCEAN TEE clothing is created in Europe. The factory is the first in the world to have met Textiles Procurement Standards as set by Greenpeace. This is what OCEAN TEE is all about...sustainability. And this sweater is the prime example of what can be done in today's age to help.
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