Community FAQs
How do I become a commuminty member?
You will need to login to your current American Golf account or set up a new online account, by clicking register on the community homepage. An account must be used to enable you to interact with the community.
Why should I become a commuity member?
Becoming a community member gives you the opportuinty to ask likeminded golfers about any questions you might have surrounding golf.
What personal information will be visible to other members of the community?
The only information that other community members will be able to see is your name and username, any any other information you choose to put in your biography. Email adresses will always be hidden.
Why should I join a group?
Joining a group allows you interact with other members witin that particualr group, it also means you will recive a daily round up email. Which gives an overview of what has been going on, in all the groups you are a memeber of.
What is my username and how can I edit it?
Your username is highlighted in the welcome tour; it can also be found next to your display picture in your personal dashboard. To edit your username, click the little pencil next to it and make your alterations.
How do I turn off the daily newsletter?
All email notifications can be turned on and off, by going to the settings section and selecting ‘My email notifications’. All email notification start turned off apart from the daily newsletter email.
How do I log out?
To log out click the settings cog icon in the top menu and select ‘log out’.
What should I do if I see offensive content?
If you see a comment or post, you find to be offensive. Please report the post by clicking the ‘report’ button. Which can be found on the right hand side just above where you would write a comment.
How do I update my biography?
To make any changes to your biography click the settings cog and select my account, this will then give you the opportunity to make any changes you want.
How do I edit my post/comment?
To edit your own post or comment, you firstly have to delete your original post and then create a new one with the changes you require.
How do I leave a group?
To leave a group click ‘My Groups’ in the left hand side menu. This will then bring up a list off all the groups you are a member of, with a ‘Remove me from this Group’ option at the bottom of each group.
Can I post my own video?
Videos can be posted by embedding a link when you create a post.
Where do I put a post that does not fit into one of the groups?
If you feel your post does not fit into any of the given groups, please select the ‘general golf chat’ group.
Why would I link my social accounts?
Linking your social accounts will easily enable you to share your community post on Facebook and twitter, this will give your post more exposure and give you friends the chance to join the community and have their say.
Do I have to have a handicap, to become a community member?
No the community is for anyone interested in golf, whether you have a handicap of 5 or are about to take your first lesson. Everyone is welcome!
How do I find other users?
To search for a user, use the search bar in the top right hand corner of the community.
How do I leave the community?
If you would like to leave the community, please email With your username and name we will be able to deactivate your account.