Wilson Staff
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Super Light and The Right Light™ Technology are not just about being as light as possible. The key is using the limited available mass to engineer a powerful, balanced, solid-feeling club. Wilson Staff D100™ utilizes this technology to allow players to swing faster with the same effort. Faster swing speeds deliver faster head speeds and ultimately deliver more distance.


At 269g, this is the lightest, easiest-to-swing driver on the market. The Right Light™ Technology with lighter grip, shaft and head weights deliver extraordinary distance through faster club head speeds.


The Right Light™ Technology delivers faster head speeds through no additional effort. The low-profile flatter head shape enhances the MOI for greater forgiveness while the shallow face launches the ball easily in thick rough or tight-cut fairways.


The Right Light™ Technology adds power and accuracy to the D100™ hybrid. Perfectly distance gapped 2 hybrid through 7 hybrid offerings provide an easy-to-hit compliment to the D100™ irons.