Wilson Staff
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Dx2 Soft is formulated to fly as far as any ball while having the softest feel available. The DX2 Soft is not just for low swing players either: low compression is for ALL players who want a soft, playable feel and optimal spin for their short and long games.

Low driver spin and a high C.O.R results in high initial velocity and exceptional distance.
Half the compression of the average leading competitor improves playability with a softer feel.


  • 2-Piece Constuction
  • Amazingly soft ball that is half the compression of the average of leading competitor balls
  • A high C.O.R. which results in high velocity and exceptional distance
  • A seamless 302 dimple pattern resulting in consistent ball flight


  • 3-piece construction
  • Rubber rich technology
  • Rubber core provides soft feel and low driver spin for straighter flight
  • DuPont® HPF inner mantle layer provides velocity for maximum distance
  • Soft ionomer outer cover layer provides shot-stopping spin on approach shots
  • New 302 seamless dimple pattern results in optimized distance performance