American Golf 9 Hole Senior Champions 2016

Senior 9 Hole Championship 2016

Ian Hendry & Martin Leo

Occupation: Retired Car Dealers

Home Town: Bognor Regis

Ian and Martin were the stand out pairing in the Senior Championship. They dominated from the first and despite the high winds and fast greens came in with a first round 40 points. Through torrential day two rains they continued where they left off, coming in with a hugely impressive total of 78 points, taking the title by 6.

Martin explained that while the golf was good, he had several non-golf challenges to overcome, “I was on a boating holiday until Thursday so all through the first round I still felt like I was at sea. I flew back on Thursday night and drove from Bognor on Friday morning to make the tee time but I’m so glad I did. American Golf have been fantastic hosts and we played some great golf. The one thing I’ll insist on changing next year though is that I won’t share with Martin as his snoring kept me up all night and I nearly missed the Saturday tee time!”