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Golphin For Kids Driver

Golphin For Kids

Golphin For Kids Driver

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The Golphin For Kids Driver has been designed to swing more easy with a club head made from aero-space alloy which is 22% lighter than a tradition junior driver. The design helps to keep balance and encourage the kids to instinctively hinge and rotate their wrists and arms on the back swing. Traditional junior and kids’ clubs are too heavy, causing the kids to sway, lose control, resulting in the club swinging the kid, rather than the kid swinging the club.

The junior driver also features:

  • Aero-Space Alloy
  • Oversize Club Head with High Launch Angle
  • 35% larger Sweet Spot
  • 1-Year Guarantee & Graphite Shaft
The oversize club head makes it easier to hit with a 35% larger sweet spot to make golf easier and to encourage a more confident ball strike. A high loft and more forgiving lie angle combined with a radial sole which resists impact on mats or turf, make this club so easy to get the ball up in the air. High flight grooves help to generate more spin on the golf ball to increase the trajectory for added distance down the fairways.
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