Honma TW747 Fairway Wood (Demo Unused)


Honma TW747 Fairway Wood (Demo Unused)


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Honma TW747 Fairway Wood (Demo Unused)
These exceptional fairways have a hand-shaped shaft created by master craftsmen in Japan, they offer premium looks and provide exceptional carry distance through high ball speed, high launch and low spin.

The TW747 Features:

  • Lightweight Carbon Crown
  • High-Speed Face
  • Optimised Weighting
  • 1-Year Guarantee & Vizard Graphite Shaft / Honma TW Rubber Grip

Enhanced Distance

The fairway has been engineered with a lightweight carbon crown material with a thin and flexible high strength steel face to produce faster ball speed. The weight saving achieved by using the carbon material crown helps for a low centre of gravity to produce a high launch with less spin for long towing distance performance.

Optimised Weighting

All the fairways have optimised internal weighting and weighting screws to provide more forgiveness and speed on miss-hit golf shots.

Premium Shaft Option

The club is fitted with an award-winning hand-rolled VIZARD shaft and Honma TW grip to stay perfectly in control all the time.
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