Benross Delta X Hybrid

Benross Delta X Hybrid
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Benross Delta X Hybrid


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Benross Delta X Hybrid
Generate clean strikes with perfect power control with the all new Delta X hybrid. The profile promotes pure strikes with maximum energy transfer for greater distance performance.

The Delta X Hybrid Features:

  • Stability Bar
  • Deep Sole
  • Optimised CG Position
  • 1-Year Warranty / Fujikura Vista Pro 70 Graphite Shaft / Lamkin Crossline Grip

Stability Bar

The Stability Bar on the sole of the club ensures maximum energy is transferred through the center of the club. This will generate more power where it is needed the most to help you get more distance performance.

Deep Sole / Optimised CG Position

This minimises unwanted turf interaction and promotes pure strikes from the fairway and tricky lies. It`s also weighted towards the back of the sole, to provide optimum CG position for increased forgiveness.

Fujikura Vista Pro 70 Graphite Shaft 

The Vista Pro line of woods offers fitters an updated and balanced profile in an easy-to-fit lineup that will accommodate every golfer and swing-type. Crafted with new designs and the latest materials, this performance-driven, flighted line delivers specific performance attributes based on weight and flex.
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