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Cobra Golf F-MAX Superlight Hybrid

Cobra Golf F-MAX Superlight Hybrid
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Cobra Golf

Cobra Golf F-MAX Superlight Hybrid

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Cobra Golf F-MAX Superlight Hybrid
Get more distance and accuracy out of your golf game, with Cobra Golf`s all-new F-MAX Superlight hybrid, engineered to be lighter, for faster and longer.

The F-MAX Superlight Hybrid Features:

  • Lighter & Faster
  • Ultra-Forgiving Construction
  • Forged 455 Steel Face
  • 1-Year Guarantee & Cobra Superlight Graphite Shaft

More Performance

Golfers with moderate swings speeds are going to benefit from this hybrid, engineered specifically to launch the ball higher, longer and straighter, with unimagined speed and forgiveness for more consistent shots. The hybrid also features a subtle crown alignment feature which helps you to square the club at the address position.


The driver has strategic low weighting, by positioning an internal weight pad low, back, and towards the heel, this delivers a straighter and higher launching ball flight trajectory for extra long game consistency. With a high-strength forged 455 steel face insert, which is much more hotter, for greater distance even on off centre ball hits.

Lighter Overall Weight

19 grams have been saved in the overall design elements, a 7 gram lighter clubhead, 7 gram lighter grip, and a 5 gram lighter shaft, to generate a smooth tempo and more clubhead speed.
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