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Mizuno Golf CLK Hybrid

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Mizuno Golf CLK Hybrid

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Including an adjustable eight-way hosel the Mizuno CLK hybrid has the ability to be set to gap the disatnce between your distance iron and the shorter hitting fairway wood. If you are a player who has a slow or mid swing speed, you get the option of using up to four CLK's in play, thus creating a greater distance span in the longer end of your bag.

Mizuno Golf CLK Graphite Hybrid features:

  • 1770 maraging steel face
  • Versatile playing profile
  • Eight-way adjustable hosel
  • Amplified shockwave sole

To gain a greater energy conversion and better ball speeds Mizuno have incorporated an amplified shockwave sole which also lowers the weight and pushes it to the front to enable a high, low spinning flight. The face may be thinner but is incredibley durable which gives a more stable club head. The Mizuno CLK is at home both on the fairway and on the tee.

Multiple set up options

Using a combination of four club head designs, each with an adjustable hosel with 8 possibilites you can be sure of a customised set up that will perfectly suit your style or need.
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