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Mizuno Golf MP-H5 Steel Utility Iron

Mizuno Golf MP-H5 Steel Utility Iron
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Mizuno Golf MP-H5 Steel Utility Iron

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Mizuno Golf MP-H5 Steel Utility Iron
Hollow Flow Construction redefines forgiveness. The Mizuno Golf MP-H5 Steel Irons are a new type of players iron for the tougher, modern course layout.

This Mizuno MP-H5 Utility Iron features:

  • 1-6 Iron: Full hollow tech with high COR maraging 1770 steel face
  • High forgiveness long irons
  • Classic MP Proportions: Helps traditional players to adjust quickly to increased size
  • 12 month guarantee and KBS Tour C-Taper Shaft
The ‘hollow flow’ concept is a response to the demands of modern golf courses – allowing long yet accurate shots from the tee or into greens. This utility iron has the option you need.
Refined from the long iron replacements (MP Fli-Hi) established on tour by Luke Donald, the MP-H5 pushes the concept further with a complete flow of hollow ow irons. By progressing into a full set, the MP-H5 ensures a smooth flow of trajectory, feel and distance control.
The MP-H5 achieves its launch forgiveness while keeping a neat top line and minimal offset. The overall MP iron proportions are kept intact, so that a players eye quickly adapts to the slightly increased size.
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