Wilson ProStaff SGI Hybrid

Wilson ProStaff SGI Hybrid
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Wilson ProStaff SGI Hybrid



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Wilson ProStaff SGI Hybrid
If you are a new golfer looking for a hybrid that offers more performance, and value then this could be the perfect choice for you. The ProStaff SGI hybrid has a compact head profile with a low and deep centre of gravity position to make it easier to strike off the tee or fairway. It is optimised for high launch with a shallow face to get the ball in the air quicker for long towering shots down the fairway. The hybrid high lofted and has a lightweight graphite shaft to help you generate more clubhead speed, to give you more distance performance than traditional lower irons.

The ProStaff SGI Hybrid Features:

  • High Launch Technology
  • Shallow Face
  • Lightweight Graphite Shaft
  • 1-Year Guarantee
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