Wilson Staff

Wilson Staff D7 Hybrid

Wilson Staff D7 Hybrid
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Wilson Staff

Wilson Staff D7 Hybrid



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New for 2019, the Wilson Staff D7 hybrid has been engineered with advanced materials and RE.AKT Technology to give you the best possible versatility and playability. The superlight design makes it easier to swing and generate faster clubhead speed.

The D7 Hybrid Features:

  • Superlight Design
  • Carpenter 455 Face
  • Light High-Strength Crown
  • 1-Year Guarantee / UST Mamiya Recoil 460 / Wilson Staff 2 Crossline Black Grip

Crown Structure

This lightweight crown has been constructed with thin-cast pockets, this dynamically reduces weight and provides strength, for maximum clubhead speed.

Carpenter 455 Face

The D7 hybrid has a thin, hot face insert, made from a high-strength maraging steel, this creates an incredible feel and enhanced ball speed performance.

This D7 hybrid also comes with its own branded head cover.

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