Odyssey O-Works Red Ball Putter

Odyssey O-Works Red Ball Putter
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Odyssey O-Works Red Ball Putter

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Odyssey O-Works Red Ball Putter
The key technology in this putter allows you to line your putt up more consistently, with a White Hot RX insert to provide legendary sound, feel, and a great ball roll.

The O-Works Red Ball Putter Features:

  • Red Ball (inside the scope)
  • Versa High Contrast Technology
  • White Hot RX Insert
  • 1-Year Guarantee

Easy & Consistent Setup

The putter features a distinctive red ball which allows you to line up with the face, combined with the Versa high contrast framing that gets you properly positioned to make more consistent putts along your intended target line.

White Hot Sound & Feel

This insert on this putter provides improved sound, feel, and roll, making it easier to get the speed and distance right, for more consistent putting strokes.


The mallet design of this putter redistribute weight around the perimeter of the head, driving up the MOI significantly for more consistent ball speeds and directional control.
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