Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO SEVEN Putter

Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO SEVEN Putter
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Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO SEVEN Putter

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Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO SEVEN Putter
To create a new approach to putting the putter needed a profound change in weight distribution. The Stroke Lab putter made this all possible by drastically redistributing weight from head, to shaft, to grip, to improve the golfer`s backswing and stroke through impact and tempo.

The Stroke Lab EXO SEVEN Putter Features:

  • Multi-Material Head & Shaft Design
  • Microhinge Technology
  • White Hot Sound & Feel
  • 2-Year Guarantee & Oversize Putter Grip

Multi-Material Design

Odyssey has engineered this advanced putter with multiple materials (stainless steel & aluminium), to concentrate the weight more forward towards the perimeter, this provides an incredibly high MOI, for more consistent ball speeds, and directional ball control. The shaft on the putter combines graphite and steel, to ensure this shaft is a full 40g lighter than a traditional putter shaft.

Microhinge Technology

This technology produces more topspin for a more consistent ball roll. This technology is possible thanks to an elastomer insert, combined with a new stainless steel Microhinge insert with the individual hinges that flex on impact. This technology lifts the ball to produce more topspin for a better roll regardless of your putting stroke.

White Hot Sound & Feel

This incredible putter not only looks great but feels good too, with iconic White Hot sound and feel to give you increased confidence to knock the golf ball in the hole. The putter has been Skim Milled for refined edges and cornering while giving the surface a premium look. The mallets are available in both face balanced and (S) toe hang versions, giving golfers the option to match their own putting preference.
This Odyssey putter also comes with its own branded head cover.
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