Benross Pearl Combo Ladies Graphite Irons


Benross Pearl Combo Ladies Graphite Irons

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Benross Pearl Combo Ladies Graphite Irons
This unique golf set, offers the perfect combination of distance and control. High launching hybrids and the control and versatility of a traditional cavity back iron.

The Pearl Combo Set Features:

  • Combination Set 6-7 Hybrids / 8-SW Cavity Irons
  • High Launching
  • Greater Accuracy & Control
  • 1-Year Guarantee & Fubuki Z Series Graphite Shafts / Lamkin R.E.L Ace Grips


Firstly the set features 6-7 hybrids which are much more easier to hit, and are high launching to provide maximum carry distance.

Cavity Irons

For even more performance in your higher scoring 8-SW irons, the set features traditional cavity back irons. These offer more control and forgiveness, and the perfect bag configuration to ensure optimum performance throughout the set.
This set of golf clubs comes fitted with premium lightweight Fubuki graphite shafts, and super soft Lamkin R.E.L Ace grips, all at an affordable price to suit your game.
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