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Callaway Golf Apex CF16 Steel Irons

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Callaway Golf Apex CF16 Steel Irons

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The new Apex has all the best attributes of the original Apex irons, a distance iron with playability, the feel, beauty and precision of a forging. It’s an Apex set that all golfers can play, and there’s one major difference. For the first time ever, Callaway Golf has taken their industry-leading face cup, the same ball speed generating technology that they put in the Fairways, Hybrids and most recently the Big Bertha and XR irons, and put it in a forged iron.

Callaway Golf Apex CF16 Steel Irons Features:

  • Face Cup Technology
  • Distance & Playability
  • Advanced Forging
  • 1 year guarantee and True Temper XP 95 Steel Shafts
The topline is thinner than the original, with shorter blade lengths in the short irons and progressively more offset as you move into the long irons. And each iron goes through a four-step precision forging process, including a full 40 minutes to weld each face cup to a 1025 carbon steel body. The result is a super-premium iron that looks, feels, and sounds phenomenal, with the extra 360 Face Cup ball speed boost in your mid and long irons.

Face Cup Technology

Callaway Golf Apex CF16 Steel Irons breaks new ground by being our first forged iron to incorporate their industry leading Face Cup technology, an accomplishment many thought was impossible. To create the raised edge that runs around the face’s perimeter, which gives the face its cuplike structure, the face has to be created separately from the head, and then the two parts are welded together. At impact, the edges of the face act like a hinge, allowing the face to flex. To make that hinging action work, extremely subtle yet precise variations in widths have to be in place in order for the face to flex enough to make a difference, to make it flex uniformly to distribute the added speed evenly across the face, while still giving it the strength necessary to resist bending and breaking.

Quadruple Net Forging

Callaway Golf have developed a new process called Quadruple Net Forging, which consists of four stages, each step refining the club towards its finished shape. This results in greater consistency from part-to-part and iron-to-iron.
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