Honma TW747 Vx Steel Irons


Honma TW747 Vx Steel Irons

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Honma TW747 Vx Steel Irons
Honma is the choice for the champion golfer, the Tour World 747 Vx iron is a soft forged iron designed for incredible distance with a little extra forgiveness.

The TW747 Vx Irons Feature:

  • Soft Forged S20C
  • 10g Tungsten Toe Weights
  • Face Progression (FP)
  • 1-Year Guarantee & N.S.PRO Modus 3 Steel Shafts / TW Honma Grips

Soft Forged S20C

Honma Golf uses a proprietary forging process using S20C which provides a beautiful soft forged head and a sound that better players will love.

Extra Forgiveness

The iron has a reduced neck and Face Progression (FP) to produce a synergistic effect with a deeper centre of gravity position for solid ball contact. The iron also has added 10g Tungsten toe weights to increased the CG distance for added forgiveness

Premium Components

Fitted with high-performance shafts as standard, Honma TW 747 Vx irons come with the N.S.PRO Modus 3 steel shafts. The original Modus3 shaft from leading manufacturer Nippon. Plus come with Honma TW rubber grips for improved grip an control.
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